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The Soundboard by Vincent
During the time when the piano was going through much scientific development to establish "standard" designs for its various components, or in other words, going back to the nineteenth century, the development ...
Where are Kawai pianos made? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Chris. Here is a list of where the following models of Kawai pianos are made: K200 made in Indonesia K300 are made both in Indonesia and Japan. K400 Made in Japan solely K500 Made in Japan solely K600 Made in ...

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Are you still looking for a Petrof ? I posted the photos above & haven't dealt w/ it since my mom's passing.
by moon - 36 minutes ago
How much would a Kawai KG-2 (HPE?) serial #1498757 be worth if it is in excellent condition? Thanks!
by Guest - 1 hour ago
It has just been tuned. It had a beautiful mellow sound. I really didn't know of anyone in our area to call
by Linda - 1 hour ago
How much is a Wurlitzer Black Baby Grand worth? #C14360803. Good condition.
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Per inquiry just posted on a 1979 G1 Yamaha grand; measures 5 ' 4" in length by 5' wide. Dark wood, nice finish, includes bench. Katie
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Tell me what you mean "restore". The following is a restoration: A. The piano: 1. New wire bass & treble, pins oversize. 2. New hammer 3. New hammer action shanks & flanges 4. Rebuild ...
by C. Anthony - 3 hours ago
Looking at a 1979 Yamaha G1, serial #J2850317 in good condition. What is your opinion of a fair price? Thanks, Katie
by Guest - 3 hours ago

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