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What happens when a piano is factory restored? by C. Anthony
Here is what we do on factory restored pianos: 1. Survey and write a comprehensive job description. 2. Start with action work... give it a light sand blast, remove any dirt and go to new surfaces. Then, complete the action. 3. Restring and ...
The Dolge Mansion by Vincent
The Dolge mansion, an important historical site of Dolgeville, is no more. It went up in flames on December 27th, 2014, causes unknown at this time. The mansion was built by Alfred Dolge in 1893. He came to the area to make felt for piano hammers, ...

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Have you had a unique experience that you'd like to share? Or, maybe you've been doing some research and you feel that it could help other users? Whatever it is, why not write a blog about ...
by Vale - 9 hours ago
How old is a Lester piano serial number 115634 Lester and Philadelpia PA made in USA
by Guest - 39 minutes ago
1977 Wurlitzer organ 625T in excellent shape. How much is it worth for insurance purpose.
by Guest - 1 hour ago
What is the value of a J & C Fischer upright piano serial #128254 in good condition?
by Jake - 1 hour ago
it is a story and clark, browse the web for pump organ restoration. there is a guy that does that. he can tell you about it. anthony
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
depends on what your usage. a "baby" grand is probably small about 5'3" or so. You only have about 3 choices: do a bit of work here and there. have a rebuild (usually not the best ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
Given the year, probably not. Back then they used to have a separate player system that one would wheel out in front of the piano and over the keyboard, and had a mechanism which would ...
by Vincent - 3 hours ago
Would like to know what my piano is worth. VH 1238 256 Lic. No. N.Y. 38870 (Ind.) Tx 3466657 From the back 802076 Kimball Life Crowned Toneboard by Michelle
by Michelle - 4 hours ago
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