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What is the difference between restoring and rebuilding a piano? by C. Anthony
The goal for genuine restoration is to bring the piano back to the condition it was in when NEW. This means cosmetics and, in most cases, new parts. The cost of a restoration can be $10,000 +/-. Few pianos are candidates for Restoration. Refurbishment or some scale of rebuild is usually adequate.However, top of the line pianos that have intrinsic value such as Steinway, Beckstein, Bosendorfer ...

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Hi everyone,We have decided to add mobile support for the current version, in parallel to progressing with the new version. We have made this decision, as more and more users are arriving ...
by admin - 20 hours ago
Probably not much, possibly in the $200 range if still somewhat of a musical instrument. Just depends on its condition.
by Vincent - 1 hour ago
Here's what I would do: when you make an appointment to get your piano tuned, have the technician look at the Mehlin for you and he should be able to tell you pretty much exactly what you ...
by Vincent - 1 hour ago
How much should I pay for 1977 Yamaha U1 in very good condition
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Hello again :) You can ask for the help of a piano technician to get the serial number. He can also evaluate the over all condition of your piano. Can it still hold a decent standard ...
by Marra M - 3 hours ago
Hello Winnie :) Sept 24,1895 was the patent date given to W.W. Kimball Company. It received the highest awards during the World's Columbian Exposition of Chicago in 1893, by 1902 the ...
by Marra M - 3 hours ago
Hi Lordog Have already answered this question a few minutes ago.;)
by Marra M - 3 hours ago
Hello Music Lover :cheer: Based on the serial numbers 4490, your piano was built approximately 1897. Some of the serial numbers use in 1897 were 4457. Here is a little something about ...
by Marra M - 3 hours ago
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