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Tips for selling a used piano by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Klavimaniac. Have you stopped playing the piano and are now looking to free up some space in your house by selling it? If so, here are some great tips to help you move your piano out for the right price. 1. Take ...
How to loosen the sticky keys on a Suzuki hg-425e by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Henning. I didn't work too fast so it took me approximately 3 days to fulfill the purpose - loosen the sticky keys. Of course, the best would be shafts made from stainless steel, but, until now, my repair of the old ...
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No it was given to me by a family member. I have no idea what they have had done in the past.
by Prov. - 1 hour ago
probably chinese or korean build. it does not matter about what it is. no one will go to the trouble to fake a chinese piano. why would they..there is nothing to fake...it is going to be ...
by C. Anthony - 1 hour ago
it is a small pedestal console. if it tunes to A=440hz and all keys play and function is 100%, it will be a nice little piano until you get a really good one. Basically these are ...
by C. Anthony - 1 hour ago
$4700 U.S.A $
by C. Anthony - 1 hour ago
1969 date. probably not a restored pianos. probably will be an as-is piano or a polish and tune. No more than about $2500. you should see a piano technician before you buy it. . ...
by C. Anthony - 1 hour ago
I can't answer these types of "restoration" pianos! the plate has not been refinished and the piano has not been restrung. This is not a restoration. It is cosmetic more than anything, ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it!
by Mark - 8 hours ago
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