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Information needed when selling a used piano by C. Anthony
If you want to sell your piano, there are many ways to do it. When posting an ad, this is what information you will need to include in the ad: 1. Manufacturer and Date of Manufacture: Make sure you know the correct one 2. Size: Measure grand ...
The invention of the piano by Vincent
The accepted year of the invention of the piano is 1720 by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Although that piano had no metal frame, it did have an action with an escapement. The instrument that preceded the piano was the harpsichord. The harpsichord has ...
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What is the value of a Chickering & Sons upright piano, serial # 192015 built in 1949?
by Guest - 1 minute ago
by Guest - 11 minutes ago
What is the asking price for a Walnut Kimball Console piano Serial # 925772
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Manufacturing Date of Harrington spinet piano. Serial number is 127582
by LarryR - 3 hours ago
Piano in very good condition
by Annette - 4 hours ago
I have a normandie cabinet grand #56080 and I would like to know the value please http://www.mypi
by Guest - 6 hours ago
I have a French & Sons upright piano with serial# 49019 and very interested in its history.
by TOM - 7 hours ago

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