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Buying a piano for a beginning student by C. Anthony
Here are my comments about it: Just about any old or used piano will be ok for a beginning student ASSUMING that it tunes to standard, all keys play and pedals function and it has a "reasonable" tone... and I don't mean top quality either. Children will and can use an inexpensive piano in the range of about $500, preferably a console, Baldwin or another good brand name. They can use that for ...

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What would the value of a Acrosonic Bladwin SN 800700 be worth. Has not been played in 20 years except on occassion but has been on an inside wall of home with bench.
by Guest - 38 minutes ago
I purchase an Amercan Craftmen Piano #33212 and I am looking for the year and if the mnufacturer is still active
by Guest - 1 hour ago
I was wondering about how much is a Lester Upright Piano worth, Serial number 19295
by Jasmin - 1 hour ago
Looking for a piano for my son who is a beginner, however prefer not to get a beginner piano yet cant seem to find anything "affordable" otherwise. There is a 2004 Yamaha M475 I was ...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
How much is my Jacob Brothers upright piano worth? And what estimaTed year is it from? The serial number is 12724.
by DJ - 2 hours ago
What is the age of my upright starr piano with the serial #000642
by Guest - 2 hours ago
I am looking at a used 2002 Yamaha m500cm piano that has been restored by an excellent technician to an amazing level. He is asking 5k for the piano which seems high compared to what these ...
by Shmoocup - 3 hours ago
I just came into possession of a Jansen Upright piano with the serial number 149435. Any idea where I can get more information on it?
by Guest - 5 hours ago
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