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Traditions of 'The Trade' and how they can affect Teaching/Learning by Plado
After a long time away from my blog for reasons given recently I have had time on my hands to have discussions with myself about the things I had trouble learning when in the trade. I was lucky to be quite by chance teamed up with a very ...
The Soundboard by Vincent
During the time when the piano was going through much scientific development to establish "standard" designs for its various components, or in other words, going back to the nineteenth century, the development ...

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Hello, I just moved into a new apartment which has a very out of tune piano. I want to take a look at it but the top doesn't just swing open. I apologize if this is a simple question but ...
by Andrea - 11 minutes ago
So I may have over paid :( here is a pic of the entire piano...not sure what helps determine the value. It is tuned and working great.... I can play a piano but don't know much about value. ...
by Michequa - 13 minutes ago
Can you give me some information on a 1923 Kranich and Bach Baby Grand Serial Number 64709 in great condition and plays well.
by Guest - 42 minutes ago
:thumb-up: Thank you so much for your research and quick reply to my request for information on our piano. Provenance is very humble for this piece which needs cosmetic restoration, but the ...
by Larry - 56 minutes ago
what do you mean, "can't be sold". back up: 1.You can sell any piano with ivory or not. 2.You can also take off the ivory pieces and sell them to your friend. However, old ivory for ...
by C. Anthony - 4 hours ago
I don't know what you mean "history"? You mean who purchased it, or what. Or do you mean the background of the company? 1955 date? See photo below if you want history of the company. ...
by C. Anthony - 5 hours ago
c. 1913 date. Call a piano technician to see if it will hold tune to A=440hz and see about the rest of it. It could have many issues. Pianos this old may just be junk. You have to call a ...
by C. Anthony - 5 hours ago

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