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Short History of Hammer Felt by Vincent
steinway m 3 004.JPG
Back before the Great Depression of 1930, felt and hammer making in the United States was arguably at its zenith. I think most of us are familiar with, or at least seen and/or heard, that type of vintage hammer. If you have serviced early ...
Piano timeline by Vincent
The piano-forte was an evolution of the harpsichord, the improvement on the elder instrument being the gradation of dynamics from soft to loud and loud to soft. The old "harp shape" was carried over from the harpsichord and adapted well to this ...
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What fingering is used to play the D# / Eb major scale? Which notes does each finger play?
by Vale - 1 minute ago
My Piano is an Acrosonic built by Baldwin, it has a number on the gold plate between the strings, when I open it up. It says 501950 Is this the serial number, and if so is it indicative of ...
by Guest - 4 minutes ago
Great explanation!
by Vale - 21 minutes ago
I have a piano emerson mohagony serial 106049. With ivory keys. What is the year was made?
by Samer - 4 hours ago
I have a Lindeman & Sons baby grand piano #140427. Condition is okay. Would like to know when it was made and what price it would cost to restore it.
by Guest - 4 hours ago
it may if you play loud and it has a mute on the middle pedal...and you can put sound absorbing material behind the piano. You would have to have a test with the people next to you and ...
by C. Anthony - 4 hours ago
A steinway WHAT!!! grand or vertical piano. and no photos.
by C. Anthony - 5 hours ago

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