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Chapter 2 GETTING KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL THEN A CHEQUERED CAREER I left my secondary education early in 1963 with no qualifications to speak of. The school actually expelled me as a punishment for entering Examinations externally to the school to make up for the exam subjects the school had refused to let me apply for. The Headmaster was at this time, massaging the statistics of the school's ...

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Whats the value of a korg c55 concert piano in mint condition?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Hello there Robert :) Based on the serial numbers that you have given this piano was built in 1914. Here a little history about W.W. Kimball Piano company. This piano company was built in ...
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
Hi Stokeit Your welcome :) God Bless!
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
the sn shows on the catalog as a 1909 date. but Gibson acquired the chickering name in 2001. baldwin made their first chickering grand but discontinued in 2001. if was between about ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
serial number are necessary. can't help you. send large photos. can see anything. you can't find out who bought pianos. why would you want to know who bought it. it may have been ...
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
i don't know what you have. send photos ???????? try to answer this: my 1906 Ford is in beautiful shape. any idea what it is worth? as you can see there is no possible, credible ...
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
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