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What is the difference between restoring and rebuilding a piano? by C. Anthony
The goal for genuine restoration is to bring the piano back to the condition it was in when NEW. This means cosmetics and, in most cases, new parts. The cost of a restoration can be $10,000 +/-. Few pianos are candidates for Restoration. Refurbishment or some scale of rebuild is usually adequate.However, top of the line pianos that have intrinsic value such as Steinway, Beckstein, Bosendorfer ...

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I'm debating between two upright pianos and would like your advice. Both are listed for $1000. The first is a 1982 Kohler Campbell upright piano. The second is a Baldwin Hamilton Piano, ...
by Natasha - 8 hours ago
We have a Meyer cabinet grand. I'm confused about something though, The Meyer name above the fallboard says New York. My research indicates Meyer was a Philadelphia piano maker? Thank you ...
by Guest - 8 hours ago
Hia a have a j&c fischer new york square piano with a 7166 number on the left corner of the piano. Would like to know the year and where can i sell t? ...
by Hector - 8 hours ago
What is tbe value of a a.b chase piano serial 58907
by Guest - 9 hours ago
I have a Schomacker & Co square grand piano that is in great physical shape and is very ornate. It does need work and tuning for sure. The only numbers I can find is a ornate badge in the ...
by Guest - 9 hours ago
What is the value of my Wurlitzer console piano in very good condition? Serial # 1034673 bought in 1969
by Guest - 9 hours ago
I have a Packard upright piano with the serial #14004. Any idea when it was built?
by Deidre - 10 hours ago
My remington upright piano Serial number is #245018. How old is it? Is it worth anything in good condition?
by Guest - 11 hours ago
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