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Where are Kawai pianos made? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Chris. Here is a list of where the following models of Kawai pianos are made: K200 made in Indonesia K300 are made both in Indonesia and Japan. K400 Made in Japan solely K500 Made in Japan solely K600 Made in ...
What does a cast iron plate do in a piano? by C. Anthony
All pianos have cast plates to provid stability. The early pianos did not have a cast plate and of course the tuning would really not hold well. The strings attach to the plate and the other end in the pin block. Since you cannot drive tuning ...
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I am curious about my new piano's rough value. It is an 1884 Chickering upright that I "had to take, also" if I took the free Hammond organ. 😂 It was completely brown when I found it, ...
by Kyle L - 4 hours ago
Upright PS Wick piano, serial # 34405 Just wondering its age.
by Melia - 4 hours ago
wurlitzer model #2119 serial #1551768 how much is it worth
by Guest - 4 hours ago
Remington model 216977 Player piano. Can you tell me approximately how much they are worth?
by Tonya - 6 hours ago
Of course it depends on condition, but being a 1993, I assume it is good. About $6K would be reasonable.
by Vincent - 7 hours ago
1947. Could be about $300 or so.
by Vincent - 7 hours ago
I don't think so. I'd say that there should be no trouble raising it up to A-440. If there is, then the piano is defective. I might add that another reason to make sure it will hold at ...
by Vincent - 7 hours ago

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