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What does it take to write a composition? by C. Anthony
Is piano the best instrument for writing a composition? Yes, it is. The reason is that it is the only instrument (and the organ) that allows harmony and melody come together to say this simply. This is the reason that virtually all serious ...
The Story of the Establishment of Standard Pitch by Vincent
For a clear understanding of why establishing a standard pitch was so important, I have outlined a short history of the trend of pitch over a period of nearly two centuries. The information up to about 1880 was taken from "Helmoltz's ...
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how much is my Everett spinet piano worth. the serial number is 118499
by Guest - 3 minutes ago
I have a Knabe & Co baby grand piano serial number 91486 (originally had the wrong serial number). We need to find a new home for it and would like to find out how much it is worth. Would ...
by PianoZ - 9 minutes ago
I have a Conover Cable piano but the serial number is only 5 digits. The blue book of pianos start their serial numbers with the 300K series. How can I find out more about the piano ? ...
by Guest - 25 minutes ago
What is the value of my Gerard Heinzman piano serial number 153345
by Paul - 45 minutes ago
I have a piano Hofbauer in Wien since 1873. Can you tell me the value of this? www.mypianofriends.com/images/fbfiles/ima
by gabifg - 1 hour ago
What is an absolute hearing. How is it determined?
by jade - 1 hour ago
Chickering I was told 1850-1859?? www.mypianofriends.com/images/fbfiles/images/image-2b1
by Josh - 1 hour ago
I acquired a Gordon & Son upright piano. Very simple design. Serial N. 32701. Can you determine what year it was made?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
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