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What does it take to write a composition? by C. Anthony
Is piano the best instrument for writing a composition? Yes, it is. The reason is that it is the only instrument (and the organ) that allows harmony and melody come together to say this simply. This is the reason that virtually all serious ...
The Story of the Establishment of Standard Pitch by Vincent
For a clear understanding of why establishing a standard pitch was so important, I have outlined a short history of the trend of pitch over a period of nearly two centuries. The information up to about 1880 was taken from "Helmoltz's ...
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What year & what is the value of an Aerosonic Cherry wood piano, serial #286255
by Guest - 1 hour ago
you would have to send photos. i don't know what you are talking about...photos are best. but get in touch with the guy below, he can tell you all you want to know: ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
you should call a local tuner to service your piano. he will tell you all about it. 1892 date. C Anthony
by C. Anthony - 5 hours ago
OK, so you don't want to rebuild or restore the piano. ok...here is the PDF bench file. These are what we use for pianos. Stools are not as stable like the bench with less room for the ...
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
and so, what do you want to know?
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
before you do anything, call a piano technician to see about the technical/mechanical condition. The first thing is to have the tech try to tune it to A=440. If it will not tune to ...
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
to get thing correctly, call a piano tuner to find out if it will hold tune. If the piano will not hold tune at A=440, then the value is 0 then you will know about the condition. CALL ...
by C. Anthony - 6 hours ago
The starr piano Richmond ind cabinet crand 1898 serial nr 14682
by Chaz - 15 hours ago
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