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What does a cast iron plate do in a piano? by C. Anthony
All pianos have cast plates to provid stability. The early pianos did not have a cast plate and of course the tuning would really not hold well. The strings attach to the plate and the other end in the pin block. Since you cannot drive tuning ...
Yamaha UX series by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Samwaw Lee. Yamaha UX3 I was told that Yamaha stopped making these pianos simply because they were too expensive and they discovered that the 'famous X' bracing was too expensive to make and made too little of a ...
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We have recently come into possession of a Janssen piano and have no idea of the monetary value. the serial number is 9308. it is in very good condition and needs some minor tuning. It ...
by djchef - 1 hour ago
A few of the plastic elbows have broken on my Lester Betsy Ross. Where can I get replacements out of wood? Also, whats the best way to remove the retaining pin? Thanks for your replies.
by Jeff H - 8 hours ago
I have a kimball life crowned tone board console piano with serial number 543660, what is the year, how do you find the year of the piano?
by Guest - 12 hours ago
I have a krydner upright piano serial number 28157. Can you tell me how old it is please
by Guest - 15 hours ago
I'm trying to find out how old my Schaff Bros Co Upright Piano Serial Number 49815? Also, I noticed the number 368 on the bottom flap of the front top panel door, while viewing my photos ...
by Guest - 15 hours ago
I have a K20 Kawai model number 129104. How old and how much is this Piano worth?
by Guest - 15 hours ago
I am trying to get a ballpark figure of what a Straube player piano with 20 rolls is worth. Good condition.
by Sally - 15 hours ago

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