"BABY" grand pianos - "BABY" conveys no information - MEASURE Grand Pianos

When You post about grand pianos, don't tell me it is a "baby" grand. People will call a 9' concert grand a "baby" grand. Isn't that silly?...as if there are really large pianos just around the corner!

Many people think that ALL grand pianos (for some odd reason) are "baby grands", and one thinks as if "baby" grand pianos are the smallest, then there must be larger ones like a "teenage" grand or "adult" grand or "senior" grands or "Giant" grands and other such terms to describe them. Isn't that silly?

When moving a grand piano, tell the mover the length of the piano. If you tell him it is a "baby" grand, he may not have the proper grand board to fit. When buying and selling grand pianos, buyer and seller must know what the size is so that you know what you are buying. Ambiguity in purchasing grand pianos by calling them "baby" grands, could lead to fraud in some cases. Size is important to know the footprint of a grand piano plus bench, so that you know if it will fit a specific space.

The term means virtually nothing to me. It conveys little or no information. Measure your piano and post that information...then I can tell you more and know more about values. Measure it with the lid completely closed. Measure from the keyboard position to the far point.

That will be a measurement example: 5'3", 6'2", etc. etc.

Many times when people post grand pianos as a "baby" grand, I am immediately confronted by non-information, especially if they want to know a value.

If you really want to call a grand piano a BABY GRAND PIANO, the smallest built is c.4'6"....now that would be one...however it still does not give any information...I still need to know it is 4'6"

Good Luck

C. Anthony

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I was just wondering: What brand made the 4'6" piano?

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C. Anthony
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don't know...good small grands are hard to get. I have a Samick in the shop that is 4'7". polish ebony. Here it is. do you want it?

It has a player system.


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