Heintzman & Co Pianos

Interior of 1914 Heintzman & Co. upright piano

Heintzman & Co was a celebrated Canadian piano maker based in Toronto. Its founder was Theodor August Heintzman who was said to have worked in the same Berlin piano factory as Henry E. Steinway who founded Steinway & Sons. Heintzman began producing pianos in his home until he opened his first factory. After he died, his sons took over the operation.

Theodore Heintzman’s nephew Gerhard Heintzman was also a piano maker, but he died in 1926. Heintzman & Co continued to operate Gerhard Heintzman’s company for several years. Unlike other piano companies, whose main concern was about producing affordable pianos, Heintzman & Co concentrated on producing high quality instruments, which was the basis for their continued success even into the 20th century.

In 1981, Heintzman Ltd was sold to Sklar Peppler Inc. of Hanover, Ontario. By 1985, this company was producing lower quality pianos.

By User:Jahreszeiten13 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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  • Vale: Do Heintzman pianos generally hold their value if they are well maintained?
  • Marra M: It depends Vale whether they were produce before the company was sold to another company who I mentioned produce lower quality pianos.
  • Vale: Do the older ones, produced by the original company, hold their value?
  • Marra M: Compared to some models somehow it does but one has to also consider the general condition of the piano.
  • Vale: Ok, thanks!

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