Inverted May, 8, 1900 Paul G. Mehlin and sons grand piano

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Just got a paino and don't know how to find any info on it...can anyone help?
It has many dated from 1878 to May 8, 1900, with a "grand no. 21034". Any information would be helpful, thank you!

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C. Anthony
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you found the maker name and send a photo.

have a technician check it first before you get any piano because it may have one single problem that will make the value 0.

it is sort of like a car,.... would you take a car out of the junkyard before you found out if anything about it is going to work? of course not...same with pianos.

since you have it, get your technician to look it over. he may find some things.

mehlin pianos have a good reputation and are restored/rebuilt in some cases. the economy is not favorable toward restoring old pianos except here and there. Now becoming a third world country, the U.S. and all of our really good things are going south. I hope everyone is happy with the hope&change! Enjoy.


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