Selling George Steck Duo-Art Player

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I have not the first idea what this piano would be worth. The outside is beautiful but needs some work - a couple of the keys stick and it needs to be tuned. From the serial number I found that it was built sometime between 1920-1925. Would anyone have any thoughts on where to start?

Thank you for your time!

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C. Anthony
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Yes: call a technician to check the piano and a player tech to check the player system.

chances are this piano will not hold tune at A440hz, standard pitch. It probably is not at this pitch at this time. Old player systems almost cannot be rebuilt with exceptions. So in essence you are selling a piano and the player is just a bonus.

Old uprights don't have much value...say about $200-$350 or so DEPENDING on the condition technically.

If the player actually plays 100% and the piano holds tune at 440 among other things such as actions and regulation, it may sell for about $400-$600...just depends.

Best is to call technician to check for you.

good luck


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