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How to fix a Roland HP sustain pedal that only works some of the time by Vale
Credit for this post goes to uk. 2 things you can try: 1) If the pedals are old, but not much-used, then open the pedal-box, find the switches and spray WD-40 (or any other oil) into them. Then press/release the switch 10 or 20 times to work the ...
Traditions of 'The Trade' and how they can affect Teaching/Learning by Plado
After a long time away from my blog for reasons given recently I have had time on my hands to have discussions with myself about the things I had trouble learning when in the trade. I was lucky to be quite by chance teamed up with a very ...
The Soundboard by Vincent

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How much is a Kawai Piano model KG-2E , serial #1989405 worth?
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
Look up mirror piano... you'll find why that is so... I have one as well.
by Allie - 2 hours ago
Thank you so much for your input. I would prefer to refinish it as well. It is my daughter’s piano, we bought it for her when she was 10. Now at 26, she wants to paint it and then ...
by Marie - 3 hours ago
Do you charge a fee to ask questions. If fee involved not interested. What is it worth Peffer Stockton, Ca Model 8526
by Gloria page - 4 hours ago
Have a restored straube serial number 30511. Would you know year and value?
by Guest - 5 hours ago
I might've run across this exact piano. Interested in knowing how you felt the refinishing turned out, and your feelings on how the piano played. Quality, holding a tune etc. Trying to get ...
by Beaux - 5 hours ago
This piano was made in 1908
by Walter B - 6 hours ago

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