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How to fix a Roland HP sustain pedal that only works some of the time by Vale
Credit for this post goes to uk. 2 things you can try: 1) If the pedals are old, but not much-used, then open the pedal-box, find the switches and spray WD-40 (or any other oil) into them. Then press/release the switch 10 or 20 times to work the ...
Traditions of 'The Trade' and how they can affect Teaching/Learning by Plado
After a long time away from my blog for reasons given recently I have had time on my hands to have discussions with myself about the things I had trouble learning when in the trade. I was lucky to be quite by chance teamed up with a very ...
The Soundboard by Vincent

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Hi, I have stumbled upon a used Kawai piano (No.K50) for sale in Facebook, and the serial no says 284111. I can't seem to find this SN over the internet. Is this genuine?
by Guest - 9 minutes ago
There is not such thing as rebuilt and refurbished? You have a "referb" just for polish, check a few keys, tune..minor stuff. rebuild means that almost everything may be new or make some ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
I would have to know the size?
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
My pianos serial number is 111391 i would like to know how old it is. Please and thank you
by Destiny - 2 hours ago
You would have to get an appraisal for it. What you need to know are: 1. If the grad can hold pitch at A=440hz. 2. How good are the hammers and action 3. Are the keys have been ...
by C. Anthony - 2 hours ago
Can you determine the age and very approximate value of the piano in the attached photo? we have used this piano in model homes for the last 5 years and not sure if it was purchased new or ...
by Guest - 9 hours ago
I have a Baldwin Baby Grand piano, serial # R 104967. It is in excellent condition. I would like to sell it. Could you please tell me what it is worth?
by Guest - 11 hours ago

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