1939 Baby Grand Wurlitzer

I inherited this piano years ago and have just used it as a decorating piece. It was tuned 9 years ago and never played. I inherited it with a few chipped keys and one peddle doesn’t work. We are downsizing and need to get rid of it. What’s a fair price...a couple of hundred or just free if someone will just come and get it?

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Walter B
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If the piano will hold a tune (this is the #1 thing to know), you definitely would be able to get a few hundred dollars for it. It is after all a grand piano, though admittedly not a high-end piano. Old uprights are very often giveaways, but a grand does retain some value. It would be really good to have a local tuner/technician look at it, often a buyer will do that just to make sure they know what they are getting.

ps. Having live plants on or around a piano is not advisable, due to moisture problems.

1 week ago #3
Anne Krantz

Thank you for getting back to me so soon. It’s really been just a decorative piece for me, but I have the plants on plates and then protecting the plates underneath that. It’s 82 years old and I inherited it about 31 years ago. We are downsizing now and I just want to be fair but not give it away. It’s also my favorite Halloween piece. See picture below.

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