Are there any websites that allow you to list antique pianos for sale that ...

Are there any websites that allow you to list antique pianos for sale that piano players frequent more than ebay or craigs list? We have a very nice George Steck piano that we completely restored and we were looking to try and get it out there in the marketplace. I would love to be able to list it online somewhere that real good piano players maybe even piano collectors would frequent. Any ideas?

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don't know what you mean when you say restored. i would have to look at the work order itemization to determine what precisely was done and the cost of rebuilt/restore.

many times people think that just a few swipes of paint and clean up, maybe new damper felts, or key tops constitutes restoration.

genuine restoration means all new action, strings, soundboard, pinblock keybed felts, regulations back to specs etc. etc. I would look and play like new. The problem is that George Steck pianos are really not a candidate for a $10,000 restore job. you can't sell one for what you paid if it was completely rebuilt.

There are a lot better pianos for 8k-10k than vintage GS pianos.

If you advertise this piano you will need to have bill of particulars of all the work done, who did it and the address and contact numbers to verify the job.

Find out all of the particulars before listing and make your description detailed and also the photo pkg. high resolution images showing new parts etc.

good luck.


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