I was just given an upright piano. The people who previously...

I was just given an upright piano. The people who previously owned it got it from someone else approx 5 years ago. They don't know its name/history other than that. There are serial numbers all over it (wood, metal structure holding strings (latter has BR40 forged on it with a 4 digit serial stamped in it). It also has what looks like wooden brand markings on the front board on the L & R side which look like an M but the centreline extends further down below the sides of the M. I can't find any sort of plate giving details and the badly worn name on the keyboard cover has something like WARNL?ICH embossed on it (? can't distinguish letters but seems like a clear space there). Googled options on name but no luck. Needless to say, I don't think it is a Steinway but any clues.

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5 years ago #2
C. Anthony
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it is probably a stencil piano...pianos build for a dealer that put their name on it. condition is more important than maker or date.

have a tuner tune it and he will tell you more.


5 years ago #3

Thank you very much for the response. Tuner due in a couple of days - will ask him.

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