I've been been wanting a piano forever, they keep popping up free on Craigs...

I've been been wanting a piano forever, they keep popping up free on Craigslist. I realize I won't be getting a perfect piece that way, but I never learned to play well and I'm basically looking for something I can use to do that.

Posting the link below to the ad I just found- what can you guys tell me about this? Basically trying to determine if it will be playable before I commit to moving it.

Thanks!! http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/zip/4272531716.html

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4 years ago #2

I Love pianos, but our budget and current situation don't allow for an expensive outlay. Roof over the head and food on the table, medical bills, etc have to take precedence. That said my kids are growing up and music is extremely important to me. So I posted an ad on craiglist asking for a decent piano for a (relatively) small amount. Someone had an emergency, family who said they wanted the piano didn't show up, and they had to be moved out in the next couple of days. I came and took the piano off of their hands, but not before an inspection in person. I am not a technician, and if you are investing in an expensive piano you should get one.
I did some research and knew some of the more obvious things to look for.
1.I downloaded an app to see if it was in decent tune or going to need a pitch raise, which is much more expensive and can sometimes not be done without risk on older pianos. I knew after moving it I would need to tune it, but didn't want the higher expense.
2. I visually inspected the soundboard to make sure that their were no cracks.
3. I checked the pin board to make sure it wasn't aluminum.
4. looked it over to make sure there were no signs of abuse, mouse droppings, water damage, warped wood, etc.
5. before I went I had asked about the brand and looked up the serial number to determine age and general quality when it was first made.

I ended up with what I believe is a very decent piano, that has been taken good care of, holds a tune well, and is decent quality for it's age. It's probably realistically worth $200-400, I paid $100 plus gas, time and tuning and I am happy because we have music in our house!😁

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What to look for when buying a used, low budget piano

1. The short answer is call a technician to give you an opinion.
If it warrants, then have the tech check it. Then you have expert opinion.

2. Determine if you want just an old piano or if you want quality. Big difference.

3. Never buy a piano that will not hold tuning to A=440hz, Standard Pitch.
Only a technician can tell you this information because of experience and the tools to test the pin block. Pin blocks are wood and wear out.

4. Don't buy on cosmetic. Buy pianos that are technically functional.

5. In my opinion all of the give away pianos will be junk....Yes, you can do things to them, and clean them, and fix a few things, but the great majority are junk and especially if a child it going to use it for lessons.

6. Pianos and any other significant item requires maintenance . If you can't afford tuning and occasionally some repair, you probably don't need to have one...especially old junkers.

If you want an opinion on any piano contact me through the website below or on this <email> /links .

C. Anthony

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