Trivia - Why do people say "baby" grand piano?

We've probably all heard the phrase "baby" grand, but what does it mean? A small grand piano, if so, how small is small? Where did the term come from?

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Why do some people call a grand piano a "baby" grand?

Steinway decided to build a small grand, the model "S" 5' grand...he called it a "baby" because all of the other are larger. However, the term stuck and people, like sheep, do strange things. They began to call ANY grand piano a BABY grand.

Grand pianos are measured in Feet and Inches LENGTH, in the U.S. and metric system in Europe. Using the term "baby" is not a measurement and is confusing for buyers and sellers and piano movers.

If you want to buy or sell a grand piano, skip the term "baby" and throw it and the bathwater out. Then you can measure an accurate measurement and you will know what you have.

Strange things like this: some people call 9' concert grands "baby" grands. Very silly....

good grief!!!:😧 It never ends...

If you use the term "baby":

1. You dont' know the exact size
2. You have to know the size or you could be selling or buying not knowing what your bought or sold.
3. Piano movers need to know size.
4. Piano movers need to know which size grand board to use
5. When you place an ad that says, "This is a baby grand", no one knows what size it is.

The smallest grand would be about 4'6" or a "Petite" grand...even the word Petite is ambiguous. There are even smaller grands such as 3'5", or "butterfly" grands, but you still need to know the length. Some piano builders NAME their models but they always include the size.

It is best all round to know feet and inches...then you know and you won't be caught calling a 9' concert grand and the guy in the seat behind you laughing at you and having a jolly old time.


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Great answer!

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